Posts in 2021

  • Continuous Reforestation

    25.03.2021 in News

    Featured Image for Continuous Reforestation

    TL;DR Although directly reducing greenhouse gas emissions is the best way to curb climate change in terms of cost and effectiveness, it will still be necessary to capture emissions already produced in the atmosphere for some decades to come. …

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  • Open Principles for a Sustainable Technology Transition

    29.01.2021 in News

    Featured Image for Open principles amplify the transformation towards a sustainability-driven economy

    A transformation towards a sustainability-driven economy will challenge all of the upcoming generations. Given the complexity of the changes required, a global and open collaboration is essential. Here are 4 reasons why a transition towards …

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Posts in 2020

  • Gathering Open Sustainable Technology

    05.10.2020 in News

    Featured Image for Gathering Open Sustainable Technology

    As climate change is a globally emerging challenge, protontypes is starting the unique attempt to map all open sustainable technology in one list. Surprisingly, we have not found anything similar. In our mission to accelerate open sustainable …

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  • Launch of protontypes

    02.09.2020 in News

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    Our digital world is powered by free and open source software. The innovation behind these projects is driven by the contributors and maintainers who invest their free time. Over 70% of all commercial source code today is based on free and open …

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