Open Accelerator for Free and Sustainable Innovation

protontypes is a free community for the acceleration of open projects and platforms. We create tools for the financing, marketing, and development of liberated innovations. Our community is open to everyone who believes in the innovative power of Standing on the Shoulder of Giants. Our aim is to accelerate open and independent innovation with a sustainable impact.

Our community provides a Community Forum to bring together contributors and funding. Contributors are open source contributors and entrepreneurs building on open source software. Funding is provided by sponsors who donate to open source projects via LibreSelery.

Do you…

have an idea for a beneficial and sustainable project?

know an important software library that needs support?

want to make a difference with your donation?

want to be part of an independent and open accelerater?

Join the Community


Benefit from free tooling and methods gathered in domains like automotive, logistics and robotics.

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All investments initiated by protontypes will be distributed between contributors by LibreSelery.

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Find team members, sponsors. consulting and discussion around your innovative idea.

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